What is F.A.R.A.H Brushes?

 We are manufacturers and suppliers of Make Up Brushes, Brush Kits and essential Beauty Tools.

 We proudly package all products in our facility in NJ-USA.

 Our goal is always to make our products superior. We strive for excellence in everything we manufacture. We manufacture only high quality tools at affordable prices. It was a dream for consumers to have SUPERIOR quality tools in their hands, but due to high costs for products from National Brands, it seemed unachievable. Now, consumers will have a chance to get topnotch quality tools at affordable prices. That is why our brand, F.A.R.A.H Brushes has been committed to manufacturing high end products without losing quality and value.  High end products……it’s that simple.


 Is F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES affiliated with any influencer named FARAH online?

 No. F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES, LLC. is not affiliated with anyone.


 1. How can I make a purchase?

You can make a purchase with your major debit/credit card and pay pal.

 Payment Methods.

1. Will my information be safe on this website?

Yes, we do not share any info with third parties.

 2. Can I cancel my order once I have submitted it?

You may cancel before it has shipped. We are unable to cancel orders once they have left our facility.

 (You must ship us the item back once you receive it for a refund. Shipping costs will not be refunded)

 3. I am not ready to make a purchase yet. Am I able to save my cart for later?

 Yes! As long as you don’t clear your history, your cart will be saved! In addition, your cart will be emailed to you as a reminder after four hours. To be sure, you may also add your cart to wishlist and email it to yourself!

 4. What is the maximum quantity for each product that I can put in my cart?

There is no limit.


 1. How long does it take to process my order?

 The normal shipping time is 1-2 Business days. There may be delays due to high volume of orders during certain times of the year. But don’t worry, we try to ship out your order within the week after you placed it. 

2. Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do.

3. Do you offer free shipping?

 Yes, on orders over $30.00 USD within the US and $75 USD and up for international orders.

 4. Do you offer shipping to P.O. Box?

 Yes, we do by USPS.

5. Will I receive tracking info for my order?

Yes, once your order is received by the carrier, you will receive tracking info. It may take up to 48 hrs for you to see updates on your tracking once your package leaves our warehouse..

 Return Policy

1.Our return policy?

We offer returns for up to 30 days. If your product proves to be defective or does not perform as it should, we accept returns up to 30 days. We cannot refund shipping charges. (This return policy is void if product becomes defective due to customer negligence.)

 2. How soon will I be refunded when I return a product?

 You will be refunded as soon as we receive our product back in our warehouse.

You must ship us the item back once you receive it for a refund. Shipping costs will not be refunded)

 3. Will I be able to cancel a product once I have ordered it?

You may cancel before it has shipped. We are unable to cancel orders once they have left our facility.

 Email Signup

 1.How can I join the newsletter?

By filling out the Opt-in form in our footer area or the opt-in form that pops-up.

2. How often will I receive a newsletter from F.A.R.A.H Brushes?

You will receive no more than 8 emails a month.

3. How can I unsubscribe from the newsletters?

You may unsubscribe by clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of our emails.

 4. What will your newsletters include?

 We provide two different newsletters: One for our customers & one for our private label partners. You will receive important updates, promotions, and coupons. 

 General Questions

 1.Where are F.A.R.A.H Brushes products made?

 Products are Made in USA, Germany, Italy, Pakistan, Japan, Korea and China.

2. How long has F.A.R.A.H Brushes been in business?

We have proudly been in business since 2015.

3. Who packages F.A.R.A.H Brushes products?

 F.A.R.A.H Brushes products are proudly packaged in the USA.

 4. Can I post comments/reviews for products I purchase?

 Yes, you may post comments, although they will not be available right away. It may take a day or two before your comment is available to view.

 F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES is woman owned and operated. © F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES 2020.