Expert Slant Tweezer – Sketch My Heart B


Surgical stainless steel

Staple and a necessity

Precision slanted tips

Unwavering performance

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 Expert Slant Tweezer – Sketch My Heart Blue

Blue with sketched hearts

Classic Expert Slant tips for fine-tuned accuracy, the kind you demand when removing coarse hair. These Tweezers are made of surgical stainless steel and equipped with precision slant tips. This grooming tool ensures that even the most delicate tweezing tasks are carried out with unwavering performance.


This unique tweezer to remove coarse, thick hair and tweeze away even the finest of hair from your skin.  

PRO TIP:  Great at applying false eyelashes as well.

Always pull hair in the direction of hair growth to avoid hair breakage and damaging the hair follicle. This could cause ingrown hairs.

WARNING: Tweezers are sharp and are not intended to be used by children. Use with caution.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × .25 × .25 in


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