Heart To Heart Bundle


Heart to Heart 3 piece Set

Blend that Foundation

Tweeze Stray Hairs

Curl Those Eyelashes

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Heart To Heart Bundle (3pc)

Glam Sponge

Our Makeup Sponges are made from the finest materials to bring you the best product. The result, this sponge delivers!

Dampen sponge first. Soak in water and squeeze out excess water out. You will see a change in size when it’s wet.

Use a tapping or bouncing motion to apply makeup to face.

To Clean: Use a mild cleanser. Soak sponge in water and cleanse. Rinse while squeezing to get all makeup out.

Eyelash Curler – Gilded Gold

This unique eyelash curling tool can be used make your eyelashes look fuller and longer once the lashes are curled.

Curl your eyelashes either before applying mascara or after. You can even curl your eyelashes without having the need for mascara at all.

The perfect friend for your tired eyes. The Gold look of this eyelash curler is enough to put a smile on your face.

PRO TIP:  Use close to the lash line and hold only lash hair for a few seconds to achieve the curled look you desire. Repeat until you get the result you desire.


Classic Expert Slant Tweezer – Heart To Heart

Classic Expert Slant tips for fine tuned accuracy, the kind you demand when removing coarse hair. These Tweezers are made of surgical stainless steel and equipped with precision slant tips. This grooming tool ensures that even the most delicate tweezing tasks are carried out with unwavering performance.


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