Lash Tool Kit PRO – The Mermaid


11 Piece Lash Tweezers Kit

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Titanium Coated


Perfectly Aligned Tips




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Lash Tool Kit PRO – The Mermaid (11PC)

Our Tools are made from 100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. These High Precision Kits Are Made With Hand Selected Tools From Our Extensive Catalog. The Tools In This Mermaid Lash Tool Kit Cater To The Professional In The Field Of Aesthetics. Lash Technicians And Lash Extension Application Experts Both. False Lash Application and Extensions Alike. You Can Trust That The Performance Of Our Tools Will Not Disappoint. Let The Tools Speak For Themselves. With So Many Tools In This Kit, You Will Find Yourself Reaching For The Every Time.

Go ahead, Be Beautiful. Be You….XOXO F.A.R.A.H

In This Exclusive Kit:

  1. LT15-FHB   Lash Placement Tweezer Tool
  2. LT14-FHB   Slant Lash Separator Tool
  3. LT11-FHB   Curved Pointed Volume Lash Tweezer (For 3D Lashes)
  4. LT12-FHB   Angled Volume Lash Separating Tweezer (For 3D and 6D Full Lashes)
  5. LT10-FHB   Curved Crescent Tweezer Tool
  6. LT07-FHB   45 Degree Slanted Precision Eyelash Extension Tool
  7. LT06-FHB   15 Degree Straight Edge Precision Eyelash Extension Tool
  8. LT04-FHB   Semi Curved and Pointed Tweezer
  9. LT05-FHB   Precision Pointed Tweezer
  10. LT02-FHB   Curved Precision Point Tweezer
  11. LT16-FHB   Spring Action Flat Top Tweezer for Holding Lashes



WARNING: Tweezers are sharp and are not intended to be used by children. Use with caution.  Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × .5 × .5 in


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