Pink Ombré Brush Set


100% VEGAN bristles

Synthetic Fibers

Brass Ferrule

Pink to Gold Ombé Handles

Beautifully Crafted


In stock

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Pink Ombré Brush Set

7 piece makeup brush set

100% vegan brushes are made with high-quality synthetic fibers and come with a handy zippered pouch for beauty on the go.

  • Domed Powder 50F (FACE BRUSH)

Your Domed Powder 50F brush can be used to apply setting powder all over the face. Versatile brush head allows this brush to be used for blush as well. 

  • Tapered Powder 250F (FACE BRUSH)

Your Tapered Powder 205F brush can be used to apply setting powder to the face. It also works well to lightly brush away any excess powder left after baking.

  • Precision Foundation 302 (FACE BRUSH)

Your Precision Foundation 302 Brush applies foundation without streaking and blends like a dream with it’s super dense bristles.

  • Tapered Contouring 180F (FACE BRUSH)

Your Tapered Contouring 180F Brush is the perfect brush to chisel those cheeks with your favorite contour powder

  • Blending 145E (EYE BRUSH)

Your Blending 145E Brush is your go-to brush for blending eyeshadow effortlessly

  • Eye Shading 265 (EYE BRUSH)

Your Eye Shading 265 Brush has a wider flat head which allows you to apply eyeshadow as well as blend it

  • Short Shading 45E (EYE BRUSH)

Your Short Shading 45E Brush is a short bristle brush to pack eyeshadow with precision where you want it. Perfect for placing glitters and shimmers on the eyelids

To Clean: Simply wash brush bristles ONLY with mild soap/cleanser using warm water. Lay Flat t dry.

100% VEGAN bristles.

Synthetic Fibers

Brass Ferrule

Soft Matte Touch Handle

Beautifully Crafted. Carefully Inspected

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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